QuickBooks Pro Hosting

Secure data access

Super fast network

99.9% uptime guarantee

Easy to upgrade/downgrade

Access your QuickBooks Pro Desktop On any device!

Elucentra is the best QuickBooks pro hosting provider, with fast servers and security you can trust. We offer affordable pricing, data protection, and multi-factor authentication to keep your QuickBooks safe.

Secure, safe and reliable

We offer a secure and reliable hosting environment that's backed by our industry-leading 99.97% uptime guarantee. In addition, we've implemented multi-factor authentication for quickbooks pro hosting so only authorized users can access your data.

Team of experts in accounting and hosting

We combine our expertise in accounting services with the experience in hosting, to put together the perfect solution for your Quickbooks Pro needs. Not only do we make your life easier, but we won't break the bank either.

Access on any device and anywhere

With Elucentra, you can access Quickbooks desktop from both your Windows or Mac computer and it doesn't matter if you're at the office in Los Angeles, in Chicago over a public Wi-Fi connection in Seattle on a mobile device, or in New York at home--you'll always have access to all of your data.

Secure your info with multi-factor authentication

With Elucentra, you can be assured of safety for your company data/files. All transactions are encrypted and secured with multi-factor authentication to make sure there's no data breach.

Access securely

with Multi-Factor authentication.

Our multi-factor authentication will help alleviate any of your security concerns, both from a data and system standpoint. You'll be able to create the best security system in the business that is designed for all authorized users while protecting your data even further.

2 Factor Authentication

Allow access to authorized users only.


  • High speed servers
  • Access from anywhere
  • SAE 16, SOC 2 Certified data center
  • Multi-device supported

Why choose Elucentra for QuickBooks Pro hosting?

No need to deal with IT issues

Offload your entire IT burden on us as our round the clock technical support service comes built-in whichever cloud package that you choose.

99.99% Uptime

Never be locked out of your accounting software solution as our cloud hosting service comes with guaranteed 99.99% of high uptime that allows you to maintain business continuity.

Lightning Fast

Our highly reliable and updated server allows you to always access your cloud accounting software in real-time. You can trust us when it comes to the speed of your cloud accounting solution.

Easy to Switch

We use tried and tested methods in order to ensure a seamless, smooth, and quick shift to the cloud platform. No worries of data loss and no interruption in your business.

Try it free for 10 day.

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Do you want to check it out? Try our 10 day free trial.

If you're not sure whether you want the service, we have a 10 day free trial. This way, you can see if you're satisfied with the service before you commit to paying for the service. In the free trial, you'll get unlimited data transfers, disk space, fully functional accounts, and plenty of other features you can test out before buying.