QuickBooks Hosting

Move your accounting to the cloud and never worry about downtime again.

QuickBooks Desktop hosting On the Cloud

QuickBooks Desktop hosting On the Cloud is a great way for small and medium-sized businesses to manage their finances and operate more efficiently. We'll keep your computer and QuickBooks files securely with automatic updates. Last year everyone was talking about security. This year it's all about the cloud. QuickBooks cloud hosting is like online banking for your business. It not only keeps your data up to date but also provides outstanding security. 

QuickBooks, a powerful accounting software can be hosted on cloud within a few hours. All the files and data inside QuickBooks will be securely stored in the cloud and all your users can work simultaneously in same file in same time.
It is a great way to upgrade your old desktop version of QuickBooks to a cloud hosted quickbooks version. It will give you more flexibility in managing your company’s financial data anywhere anytime, The best thing about it is that, you don't need to worry about installing or upgrading anything because everything is done by our hosting team.

We at Elucentra has lots of experience with cloud hosting, having worked on QuickBooks software implementations in the cloud. We collaborate with clients to ensure that their new systems are streamlined for their needs.

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How elucentra can help your business?

Have you ever thought about providing employees with the tools they need to succeed both at home and in the office? And how do you see the future of connected workplaces? We, at elucentra , hereby promise that we will support and guide you in the remote cloud migration process when your offices are closed and remote work is crucial. 

CPA and Bookkeepers

We at elcuentra host all the accounting and tax applications in a cloud environment where CPA and Bookkeepers can host the application on the cloud server and access all their clients remotely from any here and anytime.


Small and medium size business can also host their software in the cloud on a robust server and allow all their staffs work in a collaborative environment. Work in a collaborative environment.
With hosted facility all your team member can work simultaneously in same company file from anywhere without maintaining the in house server.

Tech Support

Elucentra offers 24x7 free technical support to its users. You can reach our support team anytime during the week day or night.