Host any version of QuickBooks and get more efficiency and the flexibility you need on your path to success.

Thrive on 99.99% of high uptime and round the clock customer support

Global Accessibility 

Get the power of accessing your QB accounting software from anywhere and at any time instead of being restricted to the regular 9 to 5 office hours.

Multi-user collaboration

Don’t let geographical restriction limit your employees from collaboration as the multi-user feature allows you to add anyone to your cloud based QuickBooks hosting.

Cost Saving

Don’t let on premise IT infrastructure and a full-fledged IT team become a burden on your budget. Skip all these expenses by shifting to the cloud platform.

Seamless add-on integration

Customize QB accounting software and enhance its features by integrating it with multiple add-ons on the cloud as our cloud model is compatible for multiple add-on integration.

Looking for QuickBooks Hosting Services?

Are you a small or medium scale business owner who is looking for an excellent QuickBooks Hosting service? We at Elecentra have tailored our solutions to meet your needs. We pride ourselves in handling bulky database management and excellent QuickBooks cloud hosting services. Let our capable support team and our technicians help take your business to a higher level. We have deployed massive infrastructure to give us the needed capacity to meet your needs regardless of your present level. We will always be by you as you scale higher to provide all the help you need.

QuickBooks Desktop Cloud

When you need multiple inputs from your team on your QuickBooks, it is far time consuming to resort to transferring files from one worker to another. QuickBooks hosting helps your QuickBooks management team to work remotely and more efficiently. The risk of making errors or losing important files is greatly reduced. The quality of a QuickBooks hosting service depends mostly on the hosting service provider. We recognize how important our role is in to your business. That is why we have developed solutions to cater to your QuickBooks desktop hosting needs.

Why choose Elucentra as your hosted QuickBooks partner?

Standard Industry Practice.

Our technical and support team are aware of best practices in the industry, and we provide excellent service delivery in line with industry regulations. With more than 5 years of experience, you can trust our capacity to give you quality support.

Dedicated and Shared Cloud Servers

We offer both shared and dedicated business servers. We want to provide the best experience for our customers, so we offer premium dedicated and shared servers. We value customers' trust we keep our word and provide the service you deserve.

Scale Server Easily

We see your business growing beyond its current level. We have solutions to help you along the upward growth spiral. We also allow the adding addition users as needed and QuickBooks upgrade services.

Affordable and transparent cloud pricing.

Our team works hard to provide the best quality service at the cheapest price possible. We do not charge hidden fees. Payments are made monthly.

Online QuickBooks vs QuickBooks Hosting

Online QuickBooks is an official product of Intuit that user's access online. It is entirely different from QuickBooks desktop hosting. QuickBooks desktop hosting allows users to store their QuickBooks data files on a server. The server is secured with a password. Users can then access their data files remotely using any internet-enabled device. As such, our QuickBooks desktop hosting products relate to QuickBooks hosting and not online QuickBooks.

A quick and seamless shift to the cloud in just 3 steps.

Sing up

Sign up and select the version of QuickBooks you want to host and make the payment through our secured payment portal.

Upload your company files

Login to the server using remote connection and upload your files by just doing copy and paste or via a secure file transfer portal. 

Great, you are live.

By using the remote connection, access your accounting software on our cloud server from anywhere, via any device, and at any time.

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Elucentra's QuickBooks Hosting offers everything that your business needs.


Robust security

Don’t let security threats ruin your accounting experience as the cloud will offer you bank-level security. Two-factor authentication, end-to-end encryption, updated anti-virus system, and the firewall will keep your accounting software and data completely secure on the cloud.


Easy setup and familiar interface. 

You don’t need to go through a stepper learning curve as even after shifting to the advanced cloud hosting platform, you will get the same UI on which you have been working from the past many years. This allows you to adjust to the new cloud model in just a couple of days.


No device restriction

After shifting to the cloud hosting platform, you will not be restricted to your office desktop or laptop. The hosted Quickbooks can be accessed from any devices, be it PC, Mac or smartphones, you just need an internet connection.



Shift to the cloud platform and go through as many deployments as you want. Scaling up or scaling down on the cloud platform is a pie and you don’t need to buy or sell server and hardware systems in order to do?

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